Monday, August 29, 2016

The History of Spoon Rings

While surfing the internet one day (what DID we do before the internet?), I came across several explanations of how spoon rings came to be.  Dating back to the 1600's in England, servants who fell in love would procure (steal) a sterling spoon from their employer to have an engagement ring made.  As this practice became more and more popular, it wasn't hard to tell whose silver chest had been pilfered as much of the silver was engraved.  Records of servants being prosecuted for theft is how we are able to know the origins of this craft. 

In the 1960's and 70's, spoon rings made a resurgence, this time as fashion.  It was "cool" for someone to make a ring for you just for fun.  To this day, people still get excited when they see our display of rings at a craft show.  "Oh look!  Spoon rings!  I still have mine from high school...".  Then they buy one for their granddaughter who has never seen such a thing.

We love the beautiful designs on the flatware that we use and are proud that we can give this unwanted flatware a new life.

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